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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Can not open Checkpoint firewall SmartDashboard due to wrong rule

There may be a time where you install the wrong policy onto a Check Point Firewall. This can block your connections, and screw which traffic is allowed through the firewall.
In order to fix it, open the firewall console and perform the following steps:

These steps will show you how to remove and reinstall the correct policy via the CLI on the manager (SCS),
  1. First of all we look at the policy history, so we can find out the name of the policy we need to reinstall. 
fw stat -l [firewall ip]
  2. Next we remove the security policy from the firewall.
fwm unload [fwname]
  Now you may open the Firewall SmartDashBoard, examine the wrote configuration \ or the fault rule, change it and install the new policy.