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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Instructions for getting the USB-Serial adapter U232-P9

Instructions for getting the USB-Serial adapter (U232-P9, PL-2303) working under Windows.

You will need a serial port program such as Hyperterminal.Here is a version of Hyperterminal for Windows Vista and Windows 7 . Win2K, Windows XP should have it under accessories-communications. If not it can be installed from "add software" in the controll-panel.

Windows 7 - download Windows Vista driver here. Windows 7 or the lattest drivers can be downloaded from the manufacturer .
If you are installing from the CD provided by the manufacturer then insert the CD in the drive and change to folder "D version" then to your operating system folder.
Double click on the executable to install the driver.
After the driver is installed you will be ready to use the USB_to_Serial device.
Run hyperterminal and select the COM port that was created automatically when you plugged in the USB_to_serial device. Set hyperterminal to 2400 N81.

Thanks to Steve Kanellis .