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Monday, January 10, 2011

Building a kitchen to Shira my daughter - Part 1

My wife and i decided to build a wooden kitchen to Shira our daughter.
Shira is Year and three months old, she loves to play and laugh, we saw wooden kitchen in Ikea store but we think that we can build a better one.
So, this is part one of building the kitchen, designing and paint is part two.

1. We started with Ikea TROFAST cabinet.

2. This is how the cabinet should be...

3. We have added two shelf:

4. Drilled a sink:

5. Placed the sink:
6. Added another shelf:

7. and a control panel to the oven on the right

8. Another shelf under the control panel:

9 added a door for the refrigerator
10. another shelf in the middle

11. this is how we glued the rear of the kitchen with paper 
12 and another paper

13. here is the wooden kitchen  with the rear part and oven door.

Now, all we should do is to install some lights in it, use some paint and add accessories..

Here it is after painting and adding almost everything: