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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

PXE boot from the 2nd network card (NIC) - Dell PowerEdge R210

Hi While trying to boot via the 2nd network card of Dell PowerEdge R210 machine, the 2nd NIC is not presented. There is a need to enable PXE boot for the 2nd NIC as well, here is how to do it:

 1. While booting the machine, boot to BIOS (pressing F2 during post).

 2. Go to integrated device and press <ENTER>


 3. You will see that “Embedded gb NIC2” is enable.

4. Change it to “Enabled with PXE”. 


 5. Save configuration and reboot the server. 


 6. While the machine booting, press F12 and wait for “boot from” message, then choose the 2nd NIC.